Executive Director

Trudy is an outspoken and passionate thinker, designer and communicator who operates in the realms of architecture, landscape, fiction and urbanism. A native Chicagolander, she studied theater, philosophy, art history and architecture in undergraduate studies across Illinois before graduating with her B.S. in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received her M.Arch from Princeton University after completing her thesis entitled, “Invented but True; Neighborhood Chronicles,” which addresses extra-disciplinary communication and the power of narrative as a generative design process in architecture through a series of drawings and several short films on the Callowhill Industrial District in Philadelphia, PA. Trudy currently resides in Philly, where she co-founded the Waxwood Investigative Group, teaches at Philadelphia University and dances as much as possible.
Creative Director

Christopher is a visual artist working from Philadelphia, PA. He was born and grown near Pittsburgh and has spent much of his artistic career in Chicago. Through his studio practice he collaborates with forces of nature, embraces chance events, and takes in narratives of human oversight to look at the spaces we inhabit. He studies what happens when the forces of human will collide with the universe’s tendency toward disorder and decay. Interests that flavor current activities include ‘Pataphysics, Zen Buddhism, Art Conservation, and Hyperobjects. Christopher has a BFA in Visual Communication Design / Illustration and an MFA in Painting.